Cleaning & Care

Frame and Eyecup cleaning:

  1. In the age of COVID19, we recommend disinfecting the glasses every once in a while for safety purposes. We recommend using wetwipes to clean the frame and eyecup. Baby wipes are preferred if you are worried about harsh chemicals touching the eyeglasses next to your face.

For lens cleaning:

  1. Most of 7eye lenses (except polarized lenses) have antifog coating on the backside of the lens. It is not permanent coating by nature so it is sensitive to scratches and lens cleaners with alcohol, for alcohol can destroy the antifog instantly. It is recommended to apply very little water and perhaps soap onto the microfiber bag and clean the lens in gentle, circular motion. Eventually the antifog would be effaced but you can buy antifog bottle sprays for temporary recoating.


For Repairs:

  1. Lens replacements due to scratches and prescription changes, please call (909) 509-8228 for a complete quote.

  2. Rubber bendable arms – if the rubber comes loose, add a dab of super glue to glue it back. The reason why it comes out is because the arm was either bent at the intersection between the rubber and the hard plastic of the arm or that the arm was repeatedly bent too many times.

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