First Time User Guide

If you have never tried 7eye eyewear before, follow the steps below to ensure maximum success to fitting.

The goal is to seal completely around the eyes. It is not as much as referencing the frame size (e.g. the large frame for a large face or a small frame for a small face), but rather focusing on the curvature of the frame to seal around the curvature of your brow bone and cheekbone.

  1. Give us a call - If you’ve never worn our frames before, allow us to help you select the styles! 909-509-8228. We can help narrow down the selections especially if you can provide us with pictures that include both front view and side view of your face by text or email.
  2. Try many styles - Try as many frames as you can to find the best fit. This is not typical eyewear as we have to gauge the curvature of the frame to the curvature of your face, which is not quite quantifiable. So best way to know what seals is to simply try as many styles as possible.
  3. Where to find glasses to try? First check out the vendor locator on top of the web page or purchase the glasses directly from us to try.
  4. Find a buddy - When you receive the glasses, have someone in front of you check the seal above, below, and around the side of your eyes. 
  5. Fogging issue? It is OK to have a little bit of gap about ¼th of your finger because to have too perfect of a seal would not allow your perspiration to escape and therefore have higher chance to fog the lens. (Medical providers will need at least 99% seal however).
  6. For a complimentary in-depth consultation to our products and additional lens choices (extra colors/extra dark lenses, etc), you may call our office at 909-509-8228 to schedule an over the phone appointment.
Lens Guide


Fully Customizable! Every 7eye SharpView™ lens is optically correct, de-centered and shatter resistant to ensure a clear, sharp image in every direction. Comes with 100% UVA+UVB Protection. When ordering a pair of 7eye, all lens options are available and custom-cut to fit your optic needs.  


Ideal for Indoors, Office, & Night Driving
Light Transmittance Rate: 90%

Clear lenses are perfect if you are wearing your eye-wear primarily indoors or night riding. Clear lenses give 100% UVA+UVB protection and are optically correct providing you with ultra-clear vision.
NEW! BlueByrd Blue Light Blocker
Ideal for Indoors, Office, & Night Driving
Light Transmittance Rate: 80.89%

The latest technology in blue light blocking lenses - BLUEBYRD™. Reduce digital eye strain and migraines when using digital devices. Block harmful blue light & enhance your vision with BLUEBYRD™.
Bright/Sunny Conditions
Light Transmittance Rate: 12%

Perfect for keeping your eyes comfortable in full sun conditions. Gray lenses help prevent eye fatigue and provides you with the truest color perception.
Low Light Conditions & Increased Contrast
Light Transmittance Rate: 15%

Great at cutting out haze, improving depth perception, and enhancing the color contrast to your surroundings. The Amber lens is ideal if you’re planning on wearing your eyewear while doing activities in which focus is against green grass or blue skies.
Increased Contrast & Cuts Glare From The Sun
Light Transmittance Rate: 10%

Provides a beautiful warm tint, improves visual definition, and provides high contrast to make colors pop. Polarized lenses are the right choice for cutting out glare while doing outdoor activities like driving, boating, golfing and more.
Total Glare Protection From The Sun
Light Transmittance Rate: 11% 

Polarized gray lenses provide extra protection against glare-causing reflections of light from water, sand, snow, concrete roadways and other reflective surfaces. The polarized gray lens offers the highest available light reduction for the richest colors and sharpest contrast. Also a great solution for mild light sensitivity while outdoors.
The Ideal Lens For Light Sensitivity
Light Transmittance Rate: 5.8%
*Waiver needed - Click here to download form.

The darkest lens available for photosensitive customers that need extreme protection. Not suitable for driving or in low light conditions. Due to the extreme dark tint of this lens all customers are required to sign a waiver before purchase.

PHOTOCHROMIC ECLYPSE® - Changes Clear to Gray
Light Adjusting Lenses Change Indoors & Outdoors
Light Transmittance Rate: 80% - 18%

The Eclypse™ photochromic lenses are the fastest light adjusting lenses ever with brilliant optical clarity. Photochromic lenses darken when coming in contact with any UV light rays and adjust accordingly.

PHOTOCHROMIC DARKShift® - Clear to Dark Gray
The Darkest Light Adjusting Lens Ever!
Light Transmittance Rate: 78% - 9%

Need darker transition lenses? If the answer is yes then you need the new DARKShift® lens. This photochromic advancement surpasses the bar set by our Eclypse® lens and not only transitions darker but with a higher ABBE value the lens truly gives new definition to enhanced vision clarity.