September 01, 2020 2 min read

Protect Your Eyes, You Only Get 1 Pair.

All riders should have proper riding gear. A DOT helmet, good boots with a rubber sole. Pants gloves and a great pair of safety rated sunglasses as you never know what can happen. In 2017 there were 16,505 motorcycle accidents that resulted in 15,527 injuries and 541 deaths. You should always be prepared on the road, not just for you but for your loved ones as well.

7eye eyewear has protected thousands of motorcycle rider’s eyes every year!
This Frame was sent in from a loyal customer who has been riding with 7eye for many years, here is the full story from their perspective…

“Our story began with riding our motorcycles. Both my husband and I have ridden at least 100,000 each. We both have our own bikes and wow! Do we love to ride! We choose to buy 7eye glasses because we understood the importance of having the proper eye protection...and this is where the story begins...We love riding the mountains of North Carolina. We were celebrating our 51st anniversary and NC is our second home. We were up in the mountains and there was a great deal of loose gravel on the roads from the storm the night before. We were descending the mountain when I heard a loud crash. I looked in my mirrors and watched in horror as my husband rode the side of a Chevy van and then skidded sideways across the road before the bike stopped on the road (there are no side rails) so the crash was way too real. His alternative was bleak as well. I got off my bike and ran to aide my husband. Once calls were made and help appeared (thank you to the wonderful people of North Carolina who rushed to help my husband) I scanned the area and spotted the foam piece from the 7eye glasses in the middle of the road. The glasses stayed on my husband's face.” 

“Yes...the lens on the left side is almost ground through to nothing! The foam kept from cutting his face and further damage. As you will see in the photos, my husband is fortunate he did not lose his eye! 7eye's protective eyewear saved his eye! My husband had a small cut on his eyebrow. To truly understand the impact of this accident, my husband had to be air lifted. His entire left was damaged in the accident. Thank God he did not lose his eye too! 7eye eyewear was worth every cent paid! I cannot place a value on the loss of an eye and thank goodness I do not have to - all because of your great protective eyewear.”

7eye eyewear has protected thousands of motorcycle rider’s eyes every year & we're proud of that.



Rudy Rivera
Rudy Rivera

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